KidstriUK Events 2022


Well events are finished for 2021 and the only thing left to do is say is thank you to all the children that took part and a huge thank you to all the volunteers that assisted at the events, because without you stepping forward to help the events would not be able to be staged. We as a team (now of 5), are increasingly under pressure due to the reducing numbers of this inner team and would welcome any parents, triathletes, clubs to come and assist in a larger capacity to help ensure children's events contiue in the future.

The last celebration we have this year is the awarding of the trophies for the KidstriUK Series for 2021. We are currently working on the the results from Bri-Tri Steyning Children's Triathlon, our Billingshurst events and the Bognor Triathlon. Results will be posted and winners contacted as to a possible presentation venue and date. This is likely to be a Saturday afternoon in November. However with flu and covid19 still in the news we may have to re-think on how we deliver the event. I thank Triathlon England South-East Region for sponsoring these trophies again this year.

Events for 2022 will be posted at the end of January and not before Christmas as I have done in the past, this reflects the changing situation of booking venues and aquiring goods.

Thank you you all and have a great Christmas and stay safe & well.

Paul Hedger.
KIdstriUK/ Hedgehogtri Events Organiser

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