KidstriUK Events 2021


Event dates for 2021 currently being worked on but we have 3 now in the mix . . . so far! see 'events' link.

Entries for these open on December 1st (10% off if you use code 'KIDS4TRI' , on offer until 1st Jan.)

If you have an event place from 2020 you wish to use please email and a code will be sent to you to enter FOC.

Our thanks to all those nominations for 'Event of the Year 2020' for the KidstriUK Bognor Triathlon (2019), we are well 'chuffed' we have won an award from Tri Eng. South-East Region Committee for the 4th time.

Please come back and visit at the end of November, keep safe!

Triathlon England SE Event of the Year


Safeguarding children at events

Triathlon England SE Childrens 
										Event of the Year

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