KidstriUK Multi-Sport Series

Series 2024
Well we are in the process of booking facilities and getting things organised for the coming Olympic year.

Series 2024
This will again be over five events listed below, best 3 placings from 5. You do not need to enter just take part in a minimum of 3 events, then you quailify:

2nd June KidstriUK Worthing Charity Duathlon (2km Fun Run & Fun Team Relay)
14th July KidstriUK Billingshurst Charity Multi-sport Festival
(Tri, Dua, Aquathlon, Aquabike, 2km Fun Run, Fun Team Relay)
Sat. (tbc) Aug.  Steyning Children's Triathlon -
Org. by Steyning AC/ Brighton Tri Club (assisted by KidstriUK)
15th September KidstriUK Bognor Charity Multi-sport Festival (Tri, Dua, Aquathlon, Aquabike, 2km Fun Run, Fun Team Relay)
22nd September KidstriUK Uckfield Charity Aquathlon (Aquathlon & 2km Fun Run, Fun Team Relay)

2023 Winners
Congratulations to Sebastian & Amelie who are the Overall Winners and win the VT Cups.
The Award event happened on the 25th November and was a great success, raising another £65.68 for Young Lives vs Cancer, twenty-four children received their winners cups and enjoyed the occaision. Unless arranged seperately, the unawarded cups will be retained and presented the next time we see the winning young persons at a future event.

How do we decide the winners? (updated 21/08/2023)

Each competitor has to complete 3 qualifying races (TriStart, TS1, TS2, TS3 or Youth). Finishers are awarded points when compared to the winner’s time of the same event/category for each race.

Every finisher gets 100 points. The first person in their Race/Gender group keeps all 100 points.
Subsequent finishers have an element of their 100 points decremented based on their time compared with that Race/Gender's fastest time.

As an example, if the fastest time was = 60 minutes, and a competitor finishes in 66 minutes, then the 'lag' would be 6 minutes. This represents a 10% lag.
The outstanding points would therefore be 100 - 10% = 90 points.

Using this scheme means that anyone taking 120 minutes or longer would end up with no points

The best 3 scores (highest) for an individual over the season are summed and used in the overall season score.

The highest score in each category decides the winners.

  • If there are no outright winners due to insufficient qualifying races, then we may well include 3 events from a mix of NOVICE and TS categories.
  • Subsequently if there are still no winners, then down to 2 events in the one category.

Criteria in selecting the winners:

1.        Highest 3 event placings in single category

2.        Highest 3 event placings in more than one category

3.        Highest 2 event placings in a single category. (updated 21/08/2023)


There are also two Overall Winners, these are the male and Female that score the highest score male/ female in either TS1, 2 or 3 The winners receive the Vera Tigg (VT) cups and hold them for one year, with cups to keep also.
Also note:

1) An overall season category winner (one male, one female) forgo their category '1st position trophy/medal' in being awarded the OA season winners (VT) trophy in their gender. They will still receive their category winners trophy/medal inscribed as 'winner'

2) However, a category which has an acclaimed 'OA' season winner, will result in promoting subsequent category positions, ie: 4th position moves to position 3, 3rd to 2nd and 2nd take the '1st position trophy/medal'

3) The OA category will only be awarded to a single winner (male and female). To determine the winner other factors will be taken into consideration beyond that of minimum of three wins (300 points) e.g. such as a fourth event participation and score.



 KT Tri 28

Who gets the awards?:

 The Overall Winners (Vera Tigg Cups) Male and Female - Winners from either TS1, TS2, TS3 only.
 Tristart (8yrs)/ Tristar 1,2, 3 - Male and Female, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Youth - Male and Female - Winner only Novice 1 and 2 - Male and Female - Winner only



OUR THANKS TO Triathlon England SE Regional Committee for continuing to sponsor the Series Trophies.
When and where are the trophies presented? Presentation on Saturday afternoon in November - venue Billingshurst Leisure Centre (Studio).

Winners 2023 - Results on Link  Male(Open) Female     Video on Link 
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No Series (covid closure)
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