KidstriUK Series (updated 11/10/2019) Winners link below

2020 due to the health crisis there was only one event held so there was no Series so all reference below are to 2019.


The series is now in it's fourth year (2019) and many young people received the award.

How do we decide the winners?

Each competitor has to have competed in 3 events and have a position in their age category. The finish position and the finish time percentage above that of the winner (winner =1,) is used to create the score, the lowest score in reach category decides the winners in each category.

There are also two Overall Winners, these are the male & Female that score the highest given the size of the racing field that are in each race.The winners receive the Vera Tigg cups and hold them for one year, with cups to keep also.

Who gets the awards?:

The Overall Winners (Vera Tigg Cups) Male & Female - Winners from either TS1, TS2, TS3 only

Tristart (8yrs)/ Tristar 1,2 & 3 - Male & Female, 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Youth - Male & Female - Winner only

Novice 1 & 2 - Male & Female - Winner only

Added this year is the 'Tristart' (8yrs) British Triathlon category, this event this year has been a 'race within a race' being part of the Novice 1 race. We have seperated out the competitors that have their eight year old birthday in the current year.

Triathlon England SE Committee 

OUR THANKS TO Triathlon England SE Region Committee for sponsoring the Series Trophies for 2019

When and where are the trophies presented?

We are again going to visit the 'Barn' at horsham for the presentation on Saturday 23rd November 2019 from 3pm to 4pm for directions and parking details= MAP for The Barn

 Series Winners 2018
KidstriUK Series 2019 Video Presentation  

The 2019 Winners

AND FINALLY . . . . . . .11/10/2019 - Final placings of the 2019 Series here. (Breakdown of all results here)