KidstriUK Triathlon Series - Details on how winners are deceided and where presentations held.

Terms and Condition of Entry: Please read before entering an event.

Child Safeguarding - Our policy and protocols

Competitor and Parent CODE OF CONDUCT: Please lets all keep this in mind through training and racing

British Triathlon Age Groups: The age groups categories we use for all the races.

Novice information: Your child's first race? then read the information before entering/taking part so you can understand how it works.

Novice Video by Charlotte Mathews( past competitor @Kidstri) - very useful for those new to triathlon

Volunteering: We need people to assist at events in order to ensure safety, fairness and of course FUN!

Cycle Helmet Safety - a good acticle for those that don't always insist on children wearing cycle helmets

School Presentations: Paul travels around the Sussex area delivering a 15min presentation to key stage 2 children.

School Leaflet : Events for 2020 distrubuted throughout Sussex schools

Other Services: We can bring in the kit and the knowhow to your event